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The core work of the Living/Dying Project is healing, healing of body, mind, and spirit, healing that is inspired and motivated by the preciousness of human life and by the fact that we will all die but we do not know when. For anyone confronting a life-threatening illness or caring for someone with a critical illness, finding conscious and compassionate emotional and spiritual support for deep healing is essential. For those of us who are not facing a life-threatening illness or caring for some who is, can our mortality and the preciousness of life inspire us also to plunge fully into this work? Using wisdom gathered from decades of guiding the dying, from intensive meditative and devotional practices, and from study of how our psychological development often limits the fruits of our spiritual practice, we offer face to face, telephone and internet based opportunities for deep exploration and manifestation of healing. The map of the healing path that we use is not a shortcut, but it avoids the detours and roadblocks that are common for the modern seeker. We are all caregivers and we are all seekers of healing.

Our Winter 2013 Newsletter is available here. I hope you enjoy it. Please see page 7 of the newsletter for the announcement of our next workshop and training.

Mission Statement

Imagine facing death
without fear.

Imagine using
a life-threatening
illness as an opportunity
for spiritual awakening.

Imagine approaching
the unknown with
an open heart.

We often resist change
as a natural part of life.

Strength and healing
can be found in life’s
most difficult situations.

The Living/Dying Project
offers compassionate
support in the spirit of
mutual exploration to
those facing life-
threatening illness.

Complimentary lectures – Contact Dale Borglum to speak at your group or association on the topics of compassion, meditation as a tool for healing, conscious dying, integrating our inner spirituality into our active daily lives.


Not only is another world possible,
she is on her way.
On a quiet day,
I can hear her breathing.
~Arundhati Roy



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