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Interview on Caregiving with Dale

What does it mean to heal?

Healing is the movement into the experience of wholeness, the wholeness of living fully without resistance to the human world of opposites-wellness/illness, life/death, happiness/sadness, beyond the compulsion to help, while at the same time resting in the timeless Presence that includes all opposites.… read more →


Life and Death

Dale Borglum in 1980

Pacific Sun Interview: A Matter of Life and Death

by Steve McNamara
This interview appeared in the March 2, 1990, edition of Pacific Sun.

Death is not a light-weight subject. Says Dale Borglum; “I’ll go to a party and people will say, ‘What do you do?’ and I’ll start talking and half the people will leave the room because they don’t want it to ruin their party; and the other half are really fascinated – they want to sit down and talk about it.”… read more →


Living with the Dying

Dale Borglum in 1983

An Interview with Dale Borglum

by Howard Jay Rubin
Sun Magazine, January 1983

Asked about dreaming, Baba Hari Dass once responded, “Life is also a dream and death is the end of that dream.… read more →


Mystery Engaged

Volunteer Profile — Engaged by the Mystery

Sandy Scull has been volunteering with our Open Circle program for 8 years. He is a Vietnam veteran, a retired licensed psychotherapist, but still an active investor— endeavoring to become less active in order to pursue interests with more heart and soul.… read more →


Life After Diagnosis

There is Life After Diagnosis

I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Leider R.N., founder of Sarcoma

Alliance, early this year. I was immediately drawn toward Suzanne. She was

present, open, and genuine.… read more →